Jour 1

Le Corum, Montpellier



Discours d'ouverture


Towards the 1st GW: which countries will lead the way? Why and How ?

Atelier animé par Giles Dickson, CEO, WindEurope



State of the art : lessons learned from existing and ongoing projects

Atelier animé par Dan Kyle Spearman, The Carbon Trust, Manager Offshore Wind

Ideol’s French and Japanese demonstrators, a necessary stepping stone on the way to commercial-scale projects

Thomas Choisnet - Ideol

Experiences from Hywind Scotland and the way forward for Equinor on floating offshore wind globally and in France

Natalja Altermark - Equinor

Offshore operations – key differentiator for integrated EPCI execution

Antoine Le Cotty - SBM OFFSHORE

Windfloat Atlantic floating offshore wind project – 25 MW under construction in Portugal

Filip Meuleman - ENGIE

FWT Floaters: From first prototype to mass production: how the design to cost and design tools are driving the supply chain mapping?

Jacques Chatelet - Naval Energies

Cocktail déjeunatoire sponsorisé par Eolfi


FOW and stakeholders’ acceptance: environmental and other users’ concerns

Atelier animé par Jean-Yves LEBER, Green Cross

Consenting Floating Offshore Wind – Case Study

Dr Richard Wakefield - FLOTATION ENERGY

An alliance to observe interactions of ecosystems with offshore wind farms in the Mediterranean


From pilot to commercial farms: experience from an international FOW pioneer

Thomas Bordenave - EOLFI

Offshore development, a Japanese experience

Dr. Azechi - Shizen Energy

Engagement with Japanese fishermen (to be confirmed)

Dr. Takeuchi - Toho University



From floater to grid, progress and challenges of electrical interconnection

Atelier animé par Delphine Porfirio, Director for access to the grid and services, French TSO RTE

Grid connectivity for future commercial floating wind

Jean Michel PROST - RTE

Cable dynamic solutions for floating WOF

Osman Gjepali - PRYSMIAN GROUP

Revolutionising renewable marine energy subsea connectivity

Ian Walters - HydroGroup

Design of dynamic power cables

Atle Lagset - Aker solutions

Floating electrical offshore substations: a cost-competitive and innovative solution

Lionel JOSSE - Atlantique Offshore Energy

Cloture session day 1 - Speech of Regions


Cocktail officiel de FOWT 2019 sponsorisé par Quadran Energies Marines