Jour 3



Mooring/Umbilical design and Installation & Maintenance

Atelier animé par Daniel Averbuch, IFP EN

ABS certified light weight mooring system for Windfloat Atlantic floating wind turbines

Rigo Bosman - DSM Dyneema

Comparative cost-benefit analysis of load reduction polymer mooring components on a European FOWT project

Eve Johnston - TFL Marine

Optimizing Opportunities whilst Mitigating Risks: the key lessons learned from Oil & Gas for Commercial Floating Offshore Wind

Clément MOCHET - Vryhof
Yvan Leyni - Bourbon Subsea Services

Assessing and modeling the thickness and roughness of marine growth for load computation on mooring lines

Franck Schoefs - Université de Nantes

O&M and design challenges of floating wind farm power cables

Emmanuelle Laure - RTE

New floater Concepts and Wind Turbines

Atelier animé par Rebecca Sykes, Technology Innovation Leader, Lloyd's Register Group

Development of a Second Generation Floating Platform for Offshore Wind


The TetraSpar Demo - Design and Status of an Industrialized Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Demonstration Unit

Henrik STIESDAL - Stiesdal Offshore Technologies A/S

A new, lightweight wave canceling semi-submersible design

Frank Lemmer - Sowento GmBH

Weather-vaning FOWT: how floating application will enable to achieve 50€/MWh

Marc Guyot - EOLINK

Senvion turbines go floating –A turbine manufacturer’s view on dynamics, loads and design implications


Technology challenges and innovation needs for large-scale deployment of floating offshore wind: Key findings from the Floating Wind JIP

Dan Kyle Spearman - The Carbon Trust



Global performance assessment with both numerical and experimental tools

Atelier animé par Nicolas Germain, France Energies Marines

Floating Offshore Wind Turbine: Design optimization of floating support based on Genetic Algorithm methodology

Evgeny Andreev - DORIS Engineering

Research investigations on multiphysic and multiscale key topics for floating wind turbine behavior

Sandrine Aubrun - Ecole Centrale Nantes

Turbulence Intensity assessment for a floating offshore project


Coupled simulations of Floating Wind Turbines: impact of unsteady aerodynamicson the seakeeping

Jean-Christophe GILLOTEAUX - LHEEA Centrale Nantes

Title to be announced

Pr.Laurent Barthelemy - Ecole Nationale Supérieure Maritime de Nantes



Resource and Environmental impact

Atelier animé par Philippe LENFANT- University of Perpignan - Professor

What biodiversity can be find in an offshore floating artificial infrastructure in the French MediterraneanSea: a question with no answer?


First 3D floating RADAR for a better understanding of bird & bats activity on OWF development areas

George Beaumont - DIADES MARINES

Low-cost wind data with new generation of Floating Lidar technology

Matthieu Blandin - AKROCEAN

Weather-related challenges and solutions for floating wind

Jon A. Silgjerd - Wise Group - Automasjon & Data AS

Offshore platform of co - activities for optimization, cogeneration and ecologic services

Xavier Py - University of Perpignan

Trackfish, an innovating system for the monitoring of marine biodiversity within an offshore wind farm

Thibault SCHVARTZ - Creocean

Why and how characterizing biofouling for FOWT?

Nolwenn Quillien - France Energies Marines