Jour 1

En raison de l’épidémie de COVID-19,le Comité d’organisation de FOWT, reporte l’édition 2020, initialement prévue du 22 au 24 avril 2020, aux 7, 8 et 9 septembre 2020. Suivez la mise à jour du programme sur cette rubrique.



Discours d'ouverture


Public policies supporting floating offshore wind

Atelier animé par Giles Dickson, CEO, Wind Europe



Supply-chain readiness and innovations in methods and key components (not floating concepts) paving the way to serial production and competitive LCoE

Atelier animé par Dan Kyle Spearman, The Carbon Trust

Innovative development of Platform Mooring Connectors designed specifically for Floating Offshore Wind Foundations

Greg Campbell - Smith - First Subsea Limited

Innovative synthetic fibre components in FOWT mooring

Timothy Hunter - Bridon Bekaert

Pre-commercial development : Multiple floating wind turbines - Key Lessons from an installation point of view

Patrick Belenfant - Bourbon Subsea

Prospects of Lidar-assisted FOWT control and real-time monitoring

Frank Lemmer - Sowento GmBH


A leading Japanese construction and civil works company - -

Cocktail déjeunatoire


Floating offshore wind : a WIN/WIN deal for the environment ?

Atelier animé par David Pratt, Marine Scotland

SEM-REV environmental monitoring program. Feedback on FloatGen demonstrator

Marine Reynaud - Centrale Nantes

Improving our knowledge of the marine environment through the installation of floating offshore wind turbines : the example of Provence Grand Large

Philippe Veyan - EDF Renouvelables

Optimisation of floating wind ecosystem services – interactions with marine resources and environment positive effects

David De Montbrison - BRLi

UICN’s views on floating offshore wind commercial deployment

Speaker name to be confirmed - UICN



Commercial-scale readiness : latest lessons learned from existing floating offshore projects (digitalization, O&M, scalability, cost-reduction, etc.)


The journey of a floating wind leader

Alexis Darquin - Equinor

Commercial readiness: From Risk mitigation at all steps of the project life to coping with the Floating Offshore Wind “Market” reality

Guillaume Ardoise - Principle Power

How the pilot farm snake & ladder game can bring us to the way of commercial successful?

Christophe Chabert - EOLFI

From demonstrator projects to commercial scale success – a WTG OEM’s contribution


From demonstrators to pilot projects and commercial arrays : achieving investors’ confidence, promoting local development and meeting cost reduction expectations


Gala dinner