Jour 3

We announce you that FOWT Conference will be postponed and will now take place from 7-9 September 2020 at the Palais du Pharo of Marseille, following the escalation of COVID-19 in Europe and worldwide.

How collaborative R&D contributes to reliability and performance of FOWT?


Development of an innovative Single Point Mooring System to reduce the LCoE of Floating Offshore Wind


Added values of European initiatives supporting large experimental tests facilities : Marinet2, Foresea, OceanDemo, marinerg-i – a typical example with the SEM-REV sea tests site

Izan Le Crom - Centrale Nantes

STEP4Wind: Bridging the gap between academic research and industrial development of floating offshore wind farms

Axelle VIRE - Delft University of Technology

Communicating and engaging with stakeholders on innovations in methods and key components through research landscape mapping

Professor Deborah Greaves - University of Plymouth

Evolution of design methods and rules to optimize performance versus reliability


A new approach for the prediction of the non-linear hydro-elastic behavior of large floating wind turbines

Vincent LEROY - Centrale Nantes

FOWT Model Testing and Validation – Recommendations

Kimon Argyriadis - DNV GL - Energy, Renewables Certification

Innovative design approaches applied to the TetraSpar Demo Project to be deployed early 2020

Bertrand Auriac - PRINCIPIA

Mooring Anchor Design A Holistic Approach

Gibson FRASER - Ryder Geotechnical



How innovative technologies could optimize LCOE?


DRYM, a 66kV dry mate connector to optimize O&M strategy and increase availability of commercial floating wind farm

Mathieu Priser - Naval Energies

Proven and cost effective cable protection systems for Floating Offshore Wind

Greg Campbell - Smith - First Subsea Limited

Polymer springs for enabling high modulus synthetic fibre mooring solutions for deep water FOWT

Dr. Paul Mc Evoy - Technology From Ideas

The benefits of a smart & innovative controller solution for floating offshore wind farms

Matthieu Pettinotti - EOLFI

A Conceptual Design of Smart Spar FOWT applied for the 1 GW Floating Offshore Wind Farm, East Sea, Ulsan, Korea

Hyunkyoung SHIN - University of Ulsan

Cocktail déjeunatoire


Resource prediction and control


Development of an innovative Single Point Mooring System to reduce the LCoE of Floating Offshore Wind

Speaker Name to be confirmed - AXYS