Day 1

FOWT 2020 will be physically held on 7-8 September 2020 and will also be 100% accessible online live or in replay mode worldwide. Follow the program update on this section.



Opening session


Commercial-scale readiness : latest lessons learned from existing floating offshore projects (digitalization, O&M, scalability, cost-reduction, etc.)

Workshop moderated by Matthieu Monnier, Deputy CEO at the French wind energy association (FEE)

The journey of a floating wind leader

Sebastian Bringsværd - Equinor

From demonstrator projects to commercial scale success – a WTG OEM’s contribution

Pablo Necochea - MHI Vestas

How the pilot farm snake & ladder game can bring us to the way of commercial successful?

Christophe Chabert - EOLFI

From demonstrators to pilot projects and commercial arrays : achieving investors’ confidence, promoting local development and meeting cost reduction expectations “

Paul de la Guérivière - IDEOL

Floating offshore wind: Preparing for bankable, commercial-scale projects

Nicolas Boutin - Principle Power

Break financed by Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Occitanie/Pyrénées, Bretagne and Pays de la Loire regions


Public Policies

Workshop moderated by Giles Dickson, CEO, Wind Europe

Lunchtime cocktail sponsored by EnBW Valeco


Innovations in grid and electrical connections : electricity transmission and multiple uses

Workshop moderated by Alfredo Parres, Group Senior Vice President at ABB

Innovations in offshore grid connections: enabling electricity transmission and promoting multi-use offshore platforms

Philippe Monbet - Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique

A TSO approach to innovations and multi-purpose platforms

Daniele Botrugno - RTE

Available on-shore infrastructure impact on FOW design, industrialization and execution; A case study considering a semi-submersible floater

Henrik Hannus - Aker solutions

Dynamic high voltage cables for floating substations

Erik Eriksson - NKT



Floating offshore wind : a WIN/WIN deal for the environment ?

Workshop moderated by David Pratt, Marine Scotland

SEM-REV environmental monitoring program. Feedback on FloatGen demonstrator

Marine Reynaud - Centrale Nantes

Improving our knowledge of the marine environment through the installation of floating offshore wind turbines : the example of Provence Grand Large

Philippe Veyan - EDF Renouvelables

Optimisation of floating wind ecosystem services – interactions with marine resources and environment positive effects

David De Monbrison - BRLi

Floating Offshore Wind Is Needed in California – Can Your Projects Provide the Win-Win That Everyone Is Looking For

Simon Poulter - Padre Associates

Reconcile offshore wind energy development and marine biodiversity conservation in the context of global change

Clémentine Azam - UICN

Gala dinner sponsored by Eolfi