Day 3

Hosted by Yann-Hervé de Roeck, FEM

Doors open


Resource prediction and WT performance


Reducing wind energy costs by improving control loops and real-time unsteady air flow prediction

Valentin Resseguier - Scalian

A time-domain turbulent wind field generator constrained by 4-D LiDAR measurements for accurate loads assessment

Fabrice Guillemin - IFPEN

Measurement of the turbulence intensity with a Floating LiDAR System

Sandrine Aubrun - Centrale Nantes

A performance comparison of a Polytopic Kalman filter estimator and a Deep convolutional neural networks estimator coupled with a LQ controller for a 10 MW floating offshore wind turbine

Natalia Castro Casas - D-ICE Engineering

Global performance prediction


Impact of waves in deep water on large scale floating offshore wind structures

Julie Sirvent - Kingston University

Breaking the rules: new results regarding the slamming loads in the FOWT certification standards.

Jean-François Filipot - France Energies Marines

The Impact of Coupled System Frequencies of the Design of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines

Chris Vibert - Xodus Group

On the study of hygro-mechanical coupling for composite materials used for off-shore wind turbine blades

Quentin Dezulier - GeM Nantes University

15MW NREL Reference Turbine Development From Wave Tank Concept to Fully Coupled Numerical Model

Gary Ross - Floating Energy Systems

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Operation and Maintenance


Enabling Digital Twin and Real-time monitoring for O&M cost reductions with MORPHOSENSE Digital Twin solution

Cyril Condemine - Morphosense

Optimizing berthing of Crew Transfer Vessels against Floating Wind Turbines – a Comparative Study of Various Floater Geometries.

Laurent Barthélémy - ENSM

Windfloat: on the positive effects of the active ballast system

Nicolas Tomey-Bozo - Principal Power Inc

Mooring and Cable


Study on safety level in DNVGL-ST-0119 for mooring and structure response

Øivind Paulshus - DNV GL

Introducing the LRD, a passive Load Reduction Device for Floating Wind

Dr Thomas Doyle - Dublin Offshore Consultants

Next steps for the PivotBuoy proven concept to reduce the LCoE of Floating Offshore Wind

Alex Raventos - X1 Wind

Smart use of self-balancing lightweight tendons (with Dyneema®) to reduce installed cost in SAIPEM’s Hexafloat design

Judith Bosch - DSM

Side Loading of Drag Embedment Anchors

Lloyd Inglis - InterMoor

Lunchtime cocktail